About The Foundation
A Foundation Dedicated To The Memory Of A Loving Husband

The GLIOBLASTOMA FOUNDATION was set up by Heidi Lawler to honour the memory of her late husband Philip Lawler,who lost the battle against this awful disease.Heidi's main motivation is to raise money for research in order to help eradicate this killer disease, and to improve the quality of life for those battling with this underpublicised and deadly form of brain cancer.

First Annual Fundraiser

We are very grateful that USC attended our first annual fundraiser for glioblastoma. Special Thanks go to Dr. Steven Giannotta, Dr. Frank Attenello, Axel H. Schönthal, Ph.D. and Dr. Florence Hofman, Ph.D. for honoring us with their presence and support, delivering such wonderful presentations. We also thank Golnaz Suzuki and Christopher Sickels, Senior Director of Development

Treating Glioblastoma Multiforme
While overall mortality rates remain high, recent work leading to an understanding of the molecular mechanisms and gene mutations combined with clinical trials are leading to more promising and tailored therapeutic approaches.
  • Typically, within several days of a glioblastoma diagnosis, resection surgery is scheduled. Unfortunately, this is a very traumatic time for the patient emotionally and physically, but it is a critical time to begin taking control of your treatment. Decisions you make at this time may have a profound effect on your treatment success and overall survival.

  • Many people believe the best approach to glioblastoma treatment is a comprehensive one, utilizing the most effective aspects of every treatment mode, including the latest drugs and surgery from conventional Western (allopathic) medicine to exotic botanicals and alternative healing. The hallmark of brain tumors is their heterogeneity; every patient and every tumor is different.